Product | Impact | KPCB Fellow

Pilot. Climber. Aerospace engineer. Roboticist. Management consultant. Musician. These seemingly unrelated identities of me have one theme in common — creative problem solving with curiosity and design in heart. Product management and entrepreneurship create a perfect opportunity for me to put my strengths into practice, and I aim to create timeless products that could impact millions in their daily lives.

Growing up in China and having worked and lived in India, Uganda, Morocco, Germany and US, I love building relationships across diverse cultures. More importantly, from remote villages in east Africa, to suburbs in US Midwest, I see shared as well as vastly different needs and pain points in each community. I cannot wait for others to address these issues. I want to bring tangible, drastic improvements in people’s lives.

From jewelry-making social enterprise in India, to alternative education investment fund in US, I have launched and will continue to launch my startups that bring convenience, security, and efficiency to businesses and consumers. I enjoy the process of zero to one, and nothing is more fulfilling than solving problems from ground-up with solutions that no one else could think of before.

KPCB product fellowship gives me the opportunity to join high-growth ventures and make significant product decisions with autonomy that are unimaginable in big tech companies. I want to help evolve those products into the future at scale, and I hope to leave lasting legacy through products.